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ICS is a different type of consultancy, we offer a ‘light touch’ in only those areas where we offer real value and can make a difference to your business. 

Our risk and service based investment planning approach integrates across your organisation – that is, from designing the risk assessment and decision making framework through ensuring costs and benefits are valued consistently to the selection of the optimal investment(s). 

Our economists support covers tariff modelling, real options analyses, assessing customer preferences, willingness to pay, value of service and comparative efficiency assessments.  

Our statistical and mathematical modelling team offer cost, deterioration, service performance, and capacity modelling.

Finally, we can help you to align your organisation around your assets and investment decisions; assisting you to implement the supporting organisation, process improvements, capability developments, role and competency profiles.

If you need to make an investment decision - whether it is for a single project or the development of a complete portfolio of investments – we can help.