case studies / business plan support

investment planning and optimisation / UK Water Industry

Since working with Yorkshire Water in 2004 we have continued support the economic appraisal of investment in the water industry.  For the 2009 periodic review of prices we supported 14 water companies on the development of the strategic investment plan.  

Our investment planning and optimisation systems were used 11 water companies  - representing 70% of water industry expenditure - to produce the CBA business plans for PR09. 

The key areas of support that we provided to companies for PR09 included .....

  • Investment Valuation
    • Integrate and Develop CBA
    • Develop Service Measure Framework
  • Service Valuation
    • Customer WTP Studies
    • Societal Valuation Completion
    • Valuation Translation
    • Internal Cost of Service Failure
  • Assessing Risks, Needs and Solutions
    • Asset Deterioration Modelling
    • Service Reliability Modelling
  • Optimisation and Planning
    • Investment Selection and Optimisation
    • Translation to Business as Usual
  • Support and Advice
    • Peer Review 
    • Commentary Support