products / investment economics

Increasingly organisations need to justify investment as delivering value for money. Linking investment requirements with strategic and policy objectives forms the basis of sound investment planning and ensures each £ spent delivers maximum value.   

A key step in developing investment plans is to understand how to make the case for investment.  Once this has been decided organisations can begin to measure the value of investment and develop the criteria by which investments will be appraised and ultimately selected.

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We work with you to determine your approach to implementing transparent decision making – either using Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) or Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) as the foundation.  Our approach to assessing whole life costs and benefits will identify the true value of investments.  We can help you to understand the value of your investments to your customers by deriving the willingness to pay for service and environmental improvements.  

Our real options analyses help develop an approach to justify investment which takes account of the inherent uncertainties in decision making.